Home Maintenance Plans

Did you test your fire alarms last month, FORGET to put salt in your soft water tank again, check your fire extinguishers recently, or check under your sinks and toilets for undetected leaks?

If you’re like most Americans (myself included) some of these things can go forgotten in the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily life.

But did you know that forgetting some of this routine maintenance can cost you THOUSANDS in repairs? Your family’s safety is the first priority, but looking past that, even just a small leak under your sink or behind your toilet could cost you thousands of dollars to fix, IF UNDETECTED.

My name is Matthew Gathje, I’ve been doing professional maintenance and home improvement since 2013. I’d love to use my experience to make your life a little easier, so you can put your time into something more enjoyable.

Key Benifits

Find Small Problems 

Small problems turn into BIG PROBLEMS, causing loss and headache.

Get some time back

You could do-it-yourself, or you can call me. One of those options gives you MORE TIME!

Make your family SAFER

Fire Alarms, heaters, fault protected outlets, fire extinguishers, water heaters, etc... 

These should be tested on a regular basis, with or without me!

Increase the VALUE of your home

Yes, that's right, a properly maintained home will increase in value (up to 1% each year, on top of average appreciation)

Basically the Home Maintenance Plan pays for itself!

How it Works


Schedule the Home Inspection

This will be an in-home visit lasting approximately 2 hours to document your home’s current condition and specific needs.

Home inspection Costs $200, when signing up for a monthly plan, there is a reduction of the monthly price to off-set this cost.


Select a Home Maintenance Plan

Based on your home and lifestyle needs, I’ll build a customized plan for your home.


Sign a Service Agreement

After discussing Plan specifics, you’ll sign for service. We will discuss scheduling, and home access, and I’ll be on the job!

Plan Pricing Examples

Plans and prices will be personalized to your home and lifestyle needs

$ 65 /mo

HMP - Basic

Quartly Visit

  • Complete Visual Inspection
  • Inspect/Repair Known Issues
  • Winterize Exterior of House
  • Clean and Test HVAC System
  • Check Window and Door Flashing
$ 165 /mo

HMP - Core

Monthly Visit

  • Everything in HMP-Basic +
  • Change HVAC Filters
  • Clean Garbage Disposal
  • Replace Hard to Reach Lightbulbs
  • Fix Squeeky Hinges/Loose Handles
  • Address Water Intrusion
  • Check Atic Spaces
$ 40 /mo

HMP - Core+


  • Water Softener Salt
  • Exchange Grill Tank
  • Clean Gutters
  • Clean Dryer Vent
  • Spray Mosquitos
  • Vacation (while you're away)