Gathje Home Services practices value based pricing.

Value based pricing takes into account that not all jobs are created equal, and sometimes things happen to slow down a project or make it go quicker.

It is the goal of Gathje Home Services to provide Professional, Efficient Service at a great value. Along with great service, I am also insured and have the experience necessary to eficiently complete your projects the right way the first time. Want a guarantee? You don't even have to ask, it's included with every service!

With the right tools and experience, Gathje Home Services completes jobs on average 2 to 3 X's faster than DIY. 

By the Job

  • Many common services can be easily estimated. If you would like an estimate, please submit a service request with your job or list (photos are helpful) and I will do my best to give you as accurate an estimate as possible. 

Need a Lower Price?

  • As part of our service to the community, Gathje Home Services is not all about the money, we are about the relationships. 
    Gathje Home Services may adjust pricing on a case by case basis.